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Thread: Temps advice

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    Default Temps advice

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum and new to overclocking. My new hardware which I assembled a couple of weeks ago is:

    Antec Sonata II with supplied 450W psu
    A8N SLI deluxe
    X2 4200
    512 X 4 OCZ Gold 2-2-2-5
    ASUS EN6800GT

    I have installed a standard 80mm fan in the duct provided for aux cooling to the video card and also a standard 90mm(or was it 100mm?) in the duct for aux CPU cooling. I also replaced the 120mm case fan that came with the case with a Radio Shack 120mm/85cfm fan. Louder but much more air flow.

    Idle temps are:

    CPU: 36 C
    System: 32 C
    GPU: 56 C

    3DMark06 Max OC'ed peak temps to date (2885 score) are:

    CPU: 58 C
    System: 38 C
    GPU: 79 C

    This is what nV Monitor reports my bus speeds are at this OC:

    Mem 383
    HT 1155
    PCX 2535
    GM 1174
    GC 407

    I don't leave my system OC'ed for normal everyday stuff and when I'm gaming, I relax the OC'ing a good bit and usually only see these temps after a couple hours of play...mostly cod2 and Q3:

    CPU: 52 C
    System: 35 C
    GPU: 64C

    I have done a good bit of web searching but haven't come across any temperture guidelines. Can you advise me on these such as...never exceed, relatively safe ranges for continuous use and ranges for pushing it while gaming for a few hours?

    I'm also having trouble finding info on RAM timing in laymens terms. The stuff I find is either way too technical or not enough info. Links to info here would be much appreciated. I have no clue in this department. I've been leaving the timing on auto, but on my last run of 3DMk06 above I got brave

    and did set the timing to 2-2-2-5, hoping I set the right ones. There are several more timing settings in Bios and they are not in the same order in BIOS as these numbers are listed. Auto had them set to 2.5-3-3-5, again if I am choosing the right ones. Sorry for the long winded post and thanks abunch for any advice!


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    Default Re: Temps advice

    Those are safe temperatures. The one area that could improve i think is the CPU temp, try not to get it near 60. Its not going to get fried but its just a bit hot. GPUs can handle much higher temps.

    memory timings
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    Default Re: Temps advice

    Your temps look ok, a little on the warm side but as we have no idea of your ambient air temperature it is hard to judge.

    if your OCZ says it runs at 2-2-2-5 and your board boots at those speeds then it is fine, if you want to test your ram run Memtest86, also get CPU-z as it will show you what your ram latencies are set at etc

    I believe your cpu wont start throttling until around 90C but as stated try not to let it get over 60C if possible

    Your gpu won't throttle until around the 110C+ mark so thats fine, mine usually runs around 72C with CoD2 but you must take into account my ambient air temps, 30C+ at the moment

    BTW Welcome to the forum
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    Default Re: Temps advice

    Thanks guys!

    Great info. Glad to hear I'm not overdoing it YET...

    I'm in that stage were I know just enough to be dangerous...

    Hope my pocket book makes it thru the learning curve:)

    Great MEM link, I read the 1st couple of pages and it looks like that's the info I was looking for. Past my bedtime now and I will study up tommorrow. Also thanks for pointing out that my CPU temps at this stage are closer to being an issue than my GPU temps, I was thinking just the opposite. My ambient inside the home air is 22 C ,outside depends on the day, I'm in Mississippi, or as I like to call it...Humidissippi. 100% lately and for the next week. Outside ambient was around 17 C for that latest 3DMk06 test.


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