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Thread: overclocking

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    Hi, I would just like to ask a few questions about overclocking,

    1) Firstly, if I overclock my GPU to the stage where its just unstable (visual problems) is there any chance whatsoever that it might be damaged? (i.e should I take the risk to get to this stage in order to find out the limits of my GPU?)
    2) If I overclock my GPU so that its just stable, (if I overclock anymore it will become unstable) is there a chance that it will be damaged in the long run?
    3) Is there any difference between a geforce 3 and a geforce 3 ti500 besides clock speed? (ie. if Im able to overclock my geforce 3 to ti500 levels have i essentially made it a ti500?)

    Thanks to anyone who replies

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    OK.. I'll try answer these as best I can.

    1) There is always that ever so slight risk of damage when you overclock something. That's why most companies don't cover overclocking attempts in their warranties. But as long as you take care and do it slowly, it should be ok.

    2) Depending on how far you O/C it, there again is that chance that you might shorten the lifespan of the card a little bit. But once again I wouldn't get too worried about it, unless you are really going to push this card way beyond it's normal limit.

    3) Clock speed and a cool little name (I like Ti500.. :) ).. That's pretty much it.

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    wen u overl**** ur video card to the stage where u r getting artifacts...u can damage or shorten it's life span considerably if u let it run for momre than say a few minutes....

    overl****ing will definanetly shorten it's life span..say from 20 yrs to 15yrs...which wouldn't be a concern for most ppl anyway

    the only differnce between the ti500 and normal from wat i;ve heard(i use to own one)is clockspeed and a very slight modification in the memory controller for slightly more efficent antialiasing....the reason ti500's have higher clock speed is bcos of use of 4.8ns ddr ram verse 5ns, extra voltage being supplied to the core and a more refined manufacturing process....

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