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Thread: Amd 3000

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    Hi guys,
    I have a amd 3000 64 and a asrock 939A8X-M motherboard. It says on the site it has some hybrid protector thing that helps if u overclock too much. Just wanted to know some settings for a amd 3000 64 chip, fsb...... and a safe place to overclock to (3400-3600...)

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    Some settings?

    How about some info on your system (RAM, Cooling)?


    ... and Athlon64's don't have a front side bus. Hence the onboard DRAM controller.

    Step yout HTT up in 5-10mhz increments untill instability is reached. Drop your LDT divider to 4x and your RAM back to DDR333 (or from 1t to 2t), inscrease your Vcore. Start stepping up your HTT again.

    A safe place to OC? When your PC can run Prime95 for 16hrs without errors.
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