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Thread: Overclocking AMD Athlon

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    Default Overclocking AMD Athlon

    I've got this AMD Athlon XP 1500+ (1333MHz) which I can easily overclock with CPUCool. It runs fine at about 1550 MHz and a little higher, but the comp locks up somewhere around 1570 MHz. I haven't connected any bridges or changed the multiplier, just the frequency. I can run the CPU at 100% for 15 minutes and the temp doesn't get above 62 degrees, so the temperature is not a problem.

    My questions are, is 1570 the limit of the CPU, or could I get it higher by changing the multiplier?
    I guess the voltage might help, but that's more damaging to your CPU, right?
    Are there other factors that can damage your CPU besides voltage and temperature?

    PS: forced athlon cooling rocks, after intensive use of the CPU, the temp goes from 60 to 40 degrees within 2 minutes ^^

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    Default Re: Overclocking AMD Athlon

    Actually, it would be better to raise the multiplier to OC if possible as raising the FSB affects RAM and MB frequency as well which may be your limiting components.
    But raising the voltage a couple of points won't hurt much, just keep an eye on the temps.

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    Default Re: Overclocking AMD Athlon

    I guess I'll have to connect some bridges to raise the multiplier, since it doesn't show in the bios ATM.
    About increasing the voltage, will that make it more stable at higher speeds? And this is the voltage you can set in the bios, right? Not an actual pot in the power supply.

    I'm quite new to overclocking, but I try to get everything clear before I try anything rash (I do that after I get everything clear :P)

    Edit: Oh by the way, does an NVIDIA Geforce FX 5700 LE have a temperature sensor? If so, how can I read it?
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    Default Re: Overclocking AMD Athlon

    I'm not shure if it has a tempature sensor but you should be able to raise voltage in the bios. You should not have to worry about the video card temp unless your planning to oc it too. You should be able to get 2000mhz if you have a really good cooler! Good luck
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