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Thread: Overclocking Pentium D

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    Default Overclocking Pentium D

    I am new and I am sure you get a lot of these. I know very little about the hardware of a computer. I bought a Gateway 836GM awhile ago.

    Has the Pentium D 820

    I want to learn to build a computer. My computer has serious issues. No sound. I have been experimenting with programs. I want to learn the basics of overclocking.

    I have no idea what to do or where to start. Anybody willing to give me a little computer 101 info.

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    Default Re: Overclocking Pentium D

    It's really quite simple. Take for example the current machines in my sig. The athlon xpm stock speed is suposed to be 133x14, I just turned it to 217x12 and it runs 2600mhz instead of 1867mhz. The intel machine is suposed to be 100x12, so I turned the fsb to 133 and all is well running 1600mhz instead of 1200mhz.

    The xpm has an unlocked multiplier so thats why I could get it that high. Intel (and most other non mobile) multipliers are locked so you are stuck with whatever it is and can adjust the fsb only. That would be why xp 1700 and xp2500 are such good oc'ers because of their 11 multi which an xp3200 has as well.
    The most limiting factors are as follows: heat(you need proper cooling, a psu fan does not count), voltage(you need a decent brandname 400w+ psu that can handle the job), decent ram(that can handle the higher bus speed), and of course a mobo that has the adjustments for what you want to do.

    Note: The reason I cannot get the xpm higher is because the agp/pci locks on this mobo don't work. If they did, I could probably get the fsb to 225 or higher.

    Note#2: The reason I cannot get the intel any higher is because of lack of cpu voltage adjustments in the bios. If I could bump the volts a bit then it would run 142x12(1700mhz) instead of 133x12(1600mhz).
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    Default Re: Overclocking Pentium D

    well answer the real question yes you can over clock it unless its a name brand computer such as your gateway. I dont think you will be able to oc it. they usually dissable it in bios. So if you want to fix your older problem i would say just do system recovery so its like brand new when its done. In buying a new computer you should go with dual core but i would say go with AMD x2 series. They have better performance and are alot cheaper. Any cpu you buy is over clockable. The mother board has to have those features. Buy yourr cell a really nice cpu cooler preferably ZALMEN. just state how much your willing to spend

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    Default Re: Overclocking Pentium D

    So I shouldn't try to overclock it?

    I just bought another computer from Cyperpower PC. D 820 also. I don't want to mess with it since I make my living on a computer. Each has its own function.

    I also have an E machine a couple years old. I think it runs a 2200.

    I want to buy a media center PC. I am designing a theatre room right now. I will open up that discussion in a new forum since it is a new topic.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Default Re: Overclocking Pentium D

    This computer is running 2 megs of ram btw. DDR2 667

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    Default Re: Overclocking Pentium D

    i dont want to sound rude in anyway but i think you shoul;d build one your self or have someone build you one its alot cheaper to do so and you know what parts you have put in it also . try this website out great deals

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