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Thread: OCing Athlon XP 2400+ and BIOS Settings

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    Default OCing Athlon XP 2400+ and BIOS Settings

    Here I go on overclocking. I've checked out forums, guides, and Googles on overclocking processors and watched it done before, so I've given it a go on my desktop. I've got an Asus A7V8X, Starlogic 350W ATX, Athlon XP 2400+, 40G HD, 2x256 GEIL PC3500 DDR433 on XP Pro. Using Thermaltake Xaser II case (seven case fans) and a Thermaltake SP97. Until I upgrade everything, I'd like to up my processor. It usually runs at 1.99 Ghz, and I raised it to 2.17. My only problem is, I'm unsure of what all the descriptions are in my BIOS. I've changed my CPU External Frequency (to 145/36) and CPU Vcore (to 1.725v), but none of the other descriptions I've seen you guys talk about when OCing are in my BIOS. I'm using AwardBIOS, and at the Advanced screen, this is what I have now:

    CPU Speed [Manual] (choices are 1500 MHz, 2000 MHz, 2500 MHz)
    CPU Frequency Multiple [15.0x]
    CPU External Frequency [145/36]
    Memory Frequency (Mhz) [Auto]
    CPU Vcore Setting [Manual]
    CPU Vcore [1.725V]
    AGP Voltage [Auto]
    DRAM Voltage [Auto]

    The rest is self explanitory for me, but what I just posted is a bit confusing. I had my CPU External Frequency up to 147/37 at 1.75V (running at 2.2 GHz) before my computer started crashing on intense programs (don't have a good benchmarking program - suggestions?). I didn't know if raising the voltage would help or hinder that. Currently my MB is going at 38C and CPU at 36C.

    I have tried updating the BIOS - I booted into the command prompt in safe mode and when I tried to run the flash prog, it told me it can't run when in protected mode...? The disk isn't locked.
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    Default Re: OCing Athlon XP 2400+ and BIOS Settings

    You have workable memory so try setting the FSB to 200MHz and the multiplier to 11.5. This assumes you have the Barton cored mobile version of the processor, otherwise you will need to look into some guides that allow you to manipulate the multiplier. These settings will allow you to run the processor at 2300MHz without any fancy tweaks to the system BIOS.

    On that note, your motherboard should have some decent overclocking settings if I remember correctly, but I think there was some keystroke you had to utilize within BIOS to get to the advanced features and settings. Sorry, but I have not used Asus boards so I don't know offhand what this may be, but others may.

    Finally, for all the low-down on BIOS settings, check out the BIOS Optimization Guide over at Adrian's Rojak Pot... it is about the best I've seen on the Internet and should be able to give you the information you're looking for regarding those mystery BIOS options.
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    Default Re: OCing Athlon XP 2400+ and BIOS Settings

    Alright, after some snooping, downloading, and messing around (scary), here's what I have - (oh yeah, it's a Thoroughbread) 2.23 MHz, 1.75v (although CPU-Z is telling me 1.79...), multiplier at 15.0, Bus speed at 149 MHz, and the rated FSP is 298 MHz (a little unsure on that). So right now, the highest I can set the multiplier is 15 before my system hangs on restart. When I try pushing the bus speed any higher than 149, it tells me that my DRAM frequency can only run equal or greater to my processor (?) and I need to make sure it's about 333Mhz - problem is, I can't find that particular setting. I tried dropping the multiplier and raising the bus, but I still get the same message. Ideas?

    PS - Darth, from what I'm reading, the A7V8X is one of the best OCing MBs Asus put out; they even starting limiting the bus speed to 144 after a while.
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