I have an ASUS X1950CF crossfire master card and an ATI X1950XTX slave card.

I'm using ATI Tool 0.25 Beta 16 with Catalyst drivers 6.11.

My system consists of the following:
ASUS P5WDG2 WS Pro motherboard
Intel X6800
2 GB Mushkin Redline DDR1166
WD Raptor 36 GB x 2, RAID 0 (Windows)
WD Raptor 74 GB x 2, RAID 0 (Gaming)
3Ware SATA 1/II RAID Controller 9550SX-LP4
Bluegears sound card

I'd like to know if anyone has this crossfire setup and what sort of overclocking settings they have achieved with them, on AIR.

A friend of mine says he uses the following settings,

725mhz core and 1089 memory x1950 crossfire and 725mhz core 837 memory x1900xtx.
1.5v core
2.108 mem
2.108 mem controller
1.486 voltage regulator
for both cards, fan speed 100%

At these settings, my card temps at idle are 79c!!! This was taken over a 5 minute period. Is this normal for overclocking? I reset the clocks to default because I've read that anything over 60c is considered bad.

I'm also confused what he meant by "crossfire" clocks and XTX clocks...if that was referring to crossfire master card or both cards in crossfire set to those clocks. Which makes more sense? (I'd simply ask him but he's taking about a week to respond between emails.)