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Thread: overclocking Radeon 1650 and AMD 64 4000

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    Default overclocking Radeon 1650 and AMD 64 4000

    I just put together a system with:

    Athlon 64 4000 (San Diego core)
    FoxConn 1650 8krs motherboard
    HIS Radeon 1650 silent Pro video card with 256 meg ddr3
    2 gig patriot DDR Dual Channel Ram.

    CPU has a Thermalright 90C heat sink with a 92 mm fan running around 2200 rpm. CPU idle temp is around 34 C.
    Video card has stock cooling.

    What options can you guys recommend for overclocking the cpu and / or the video?

    I tried ATItools but when I clicked find Max core the screen went blank and I had to reboot. That's the only attempt I made to try and find some more performance.


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    Default Re: overclocking Radeon 1650 and AMD 64 4000

    Those "find higherst speed" tools seldom work, but you are using the right utility for overclocking the ATI video board. ATITool is about the best you can get for the task and it is what I use when I play around. Just take it slow and easy manually and when your system takes a crap, back it off just a bit. I haven't heard that the 1650 series boards get hot, but you might want to monitor the temperatures for a while until you are comfortable with the performance and temperatures at an overclocked state.

    As for your processor overclocking, find a good guide and use it as a reference. I'm not sure how well your motherboard will work for the task, but you should be able to get some extra speed regardless.

    Good luck!
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