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Thread: i dont know what one thing is :S

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    Default i dont know what one thing is :S

    i just oc'd my momory from 5-5-5-12 @ 800 hz to 3-3-3-8 @ 460 hz but thats not important while looking through the bios on my motherbord ( asus p5n-e sli) in the advanced section i saw chipset so i had a look and it had nb pci.. something something ><'' anyway i could set this from 100-120hz and this also apears in the nvidia controll panel but then with 2500-3000hz next to it so i was woundering wat exacly is this... and can i get a performance gain by upping???

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    Default Re: i dont know what one thing is :S

    ok i'll take a stab at it the setting you're seeing is for overclocking the PCI-e Bus thats the one your grahpics card runs on basically the same thing as oc'ing the old agp bus but with faster speeds 100MHz is the default setting so can up it in 1MHz steps to a maximum of 120MHz this will be trial and error on your part if you choose to up the bus speed as not all hardware will perform the same you experiance will differ from somebody else with exacatly the same setup as with all oc'ing start out at the lowest oc and slowly work your way up with stabilty testing inbetween each step up you do untill it becomes unstable then back off two steps and as with all ocing your arse is the only arse to blame if things go bye bye

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