Well, as my signature says, I just completed my build. I love it and I just wanted to try a bit of overclocking.

So, I read up and did some tweaking. Now, I'm a little confused.
CPU-Z says my core speed is 2.4 ghz at idle, but it occassionally jumps to 2.8.

Ntune says my core frequency is 2.8 in the "Adjust Motherboard Settings" section, but it says it has a core frequency of 3.6 in the "Performance" section of Ntune

And finally, the "System Properties" program says it is running at 3.6.

So, what speed is my processor running at? I would like it to run at 3.0ghz because 3.6 seems a little high.

Currently, my FSB is set at 400MHZ with a CPU multiplier of 7.

Even through all of this overclocking, my system reach only 42c under load thanks to that SI-128. My current benchmark with 3dMark06 is......8871.

Thanks for your help, guys.