hi all..

Was thinking of getting 2x1048 of Patriot dual channel viper 1066mhz ram, to go along with my athlon 64 x2 6400+ cpu.

I was wondering if I could get my FSB to match the speed of the ram.

does 1066mhz ram really run at that speed? or is it 533mhz doubled?

i'm trying to get the closest ratio between my cpu and ram that will run as fast as possible.

I understand overclocking ram/fsb has to do with ratios like 1:1 4:5 etc.

They sold out of the black box edition of the x2 6400, but I would like to at least overclock the FSB because the multiplier is locked. But most of all, I want a good correlation between my cpu and ram

here is the ram specs.


i'm not that good with changing Ram timings.. hopefully I can just up the clock speeds.