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Thread: New system, opinions please!

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    Default New system, opinions please!

    Hi all... I a m new to the overclocking thing, and I probably won't push it to the limit at least at first...

    I had a few questions I would like you're all opinion on.

    I was looking into the Phenom x4... but in my researching it seems I may be better off going with the INTEL core 2 quad q6600. Any Thoughts on this?

    Also, if I go with the Intel, what MoBo do you recomend for an SLI set up? (And why?) Anyone know anything about this MoBo?

    A question on DDR2 vrs DDR3.... This one might be a big one... my Ram price range in $150-200.
    Would I be better off going 4-8 GB DDR2-800, or 1-2 GB DDR3-1066

    And Nvida 8800 GT good card to SLI?

    One more thing... Vista 64, Home or Ultimate?

    Thank you all for you time!
    I look forward to OCing soon!

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    Default Re: New system, opinions please!

    Yes the core 2 quad Q6600 is usually faster than the phenom X4 in most applications, but just slightly more expensive.

    For the motherboard, SLI is obviously a good reason why u'd choose intel since their cpus can handle such systems lyk SLI or crossfire. If u want SLI, try to go for the NFORCE 7xx series, some NF680I SLI chipsets have slight problems with the latest 45nm processors/quad core cpu's.

    Plus u wont have the benefit of PCI-e 2.0 in 680I SLI.

    If i were u i would either get the NFORCE 750SLI chipset or 780I/90I if ur budget can extend that far.

    Now for RAM, DONT go for DDR3!!! its jsut too expensive and DDR21066 shouldnt be too expensive, ~100-150$ for 2GB if ur lucky.
    Try to buy DDR2 800 in 2GB sticks or 2x1GB.

    YES 8800GT in SLI is good! It can play any game on high settings with good frame rates except crysis.

    Depending on how much RAM u install, 64BIT vista ultimate should be a faily good choice. If u get >3GB use 64bit OS, if not use 32 bitOS.
    Asrock P55-Extreme
    Core I5 @ 3.2GHZ
    2x2GB G.skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600
    ASUS HD5850
    1TB Samsung SATA II
    Corsair TX650W PSU

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    Default Re: New system, opinions please!

    Thank you for the input!

    I think the MoBo I am going to go with is the ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

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