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Thread: New Mobo

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    ok guys unfortunatly i cant use the XPchip on my mobo. but there is a good side to this, it's summer and i can ge a job meaning i can afford a whole computer renovation for next school year. That means, switch to ddr ram, new mobo, new processor, and new video card. I already figure i'll get the Geforce 4 Ti4600 but what type of processor and mobo? I like AMD but it doest seem like there are many boards out there that have good support for it. As much as i wold hate it, if Intel had better speed and mobo support i would switch over and buy intel. Anyway what is the best mobo/processor combo i can get right now for say under $300.

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    Personally I would reccomend you bide your time and see what the mobo manufacturers bring to market in the future.
    At this time a GeForce 4 is going to give you some nice advances in frame rates. But in so much as the real features of the board, little is being utilized by current games. Soon hopefully the game manufacturers will release some games that take advantage of the GeForce 4's awesome capabilities.

    But until that happens you could hang out and see what the mobo makers come up with in the meantime.
    Just my 2 cents worth, but I think in your position a bit of patience and keeping your eyes open might be a tactic that might prove rewarding.

    Of course, if your in a hurry there are a lot of mobo reviews on the net.........
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    Know what you want first before looking at a board. For me, a big thing is ATA RAID, specifically something like HighPoint so I can use them as standalone IDE ports w/o question.
    Do you want/need overclocking? USB 2.0? ATA RAID? Good on-board sound (yes, it now exists)? Find out what you really want before you look.

    For just a CPU and mobo, $300 will get you pretty far. Include a good stick (at least 256MB) of RAM, an you may have to cut corners somewhere.

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    Check or go to Fry's (dont know if they have em outside of Ca.) I got my SOYO Dragon Plus! and Athlon XP 1800+ combo for $200. Good Luck.
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    the mobo of choice for me is still the epox 8K3A....great performance excellent o/c and cheap price:D
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