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Thread: overclocking a msi G31 mobo

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    Default overclocking a msi G31 mobo

    my dads got a MSI G31M2 V2 and he doesnt like spending a lot of money to speed up his computer so a cheap solution is to OC... so far all my computers have had a Nforce chipset (650i and 750i) which are both real easy to overclock however...

    i just cant figure out how to oc this piece of ****

    it's not in the bios only thing i can tweak there is the voltage and the memory timings.

    i've google'd it and all i can find is that i should use clockgen... which doesnt seem to work on that mobo or systool.... which also doesnt work

    clock gen can be becouse my dads messed up his pc by gooing to every porn site he can get his hands on but i could also be that it just doesnt support the G31 chipset

    so doese anybody know a program to OC a G31 chipset? or alteast a MSI G31M2 V2, i just need to be able to up the FSB from 1066 to 1333 or the bus speed from 266 to 333 Mhz

    Thx in advance


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    Default Re: overclocking a msi G31 mobo

    If its CPU is CoreDuo based then this BSEL mod should do the trick (if its P4 based then google the mod for it, I know that there's 1 somewhere) and here's a review with it (page 5 is where they do the mod).

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