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Thread: e7200

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    I've seen some people that have done the mod on the e7200. I might try it eventually.

    Yeah... I was just really hoping for 4Ghz. Think about it.... lower the multiplier to 9, then do 444mhz fsb for 4ghz, and then 4gigs of ram, and with a 4870.

    It would have been awesome....

    EDIT: so I found this again at this forum. One person says, "If the motherboard supports overclocking, by BSEL modding, you can effectively leave your chip at the 333MHz FSB strap instead of 266MHz FSB strap. That should be an easy 333 to 400 overclock, and then, you will have yourself a 3.80GHz chip. That's how I did it with the GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2H. Originally, any strap below 333MHz on the GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2H wouldn't let me overclock much above 333MHz."

    I'm hoping this might help me to. Although it isn't the fsb limiting me, it's just the processor not going above 3.4Ghz, it might still help.

    Edit again: Okay, so I tried 1.45volts, and it let me past 3.4Ghz. Before I thought 1.4 was more than enough, because I have seen people get to 4ghz on 1.4v. But anyway, right now I have it at 1.5v, and I'm at 3.75Ghz. I'm just wondering how this will affect the cpu. I know it will decrease the life, but will it make it die in like 5 years instead of 10? I'm just wondering how much it actually affects it. And what is the highest I should go?
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    YA, either way then The mod may be your only better option. As for voltage, wow I only need 1.32 or less on mine for 4GHz 1.4+ seems like the chip wont last very long to me. Maybe you should sell it and buy a 8400

    I would not even be using 1.4 myself, as for how quick it dies I dunno, but I can say much quicker at 1.5 then 1.4. And 1.4 is too much already

    I would say either try the mod or buy a different chip. 1.4 or 1.5 is going to die for sure when you least expect it

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