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Thread: Low budget-decent air overclocking build (Phenom/ Radeon 4850)

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    Default Low budget-decent air overclocking build (Phenom/ Radeon 4850)

    Hello to everyone:

    I wanted to build a gaming pc without spending a lot of money and this was my choice:

    PSU: Media Magic modular psu 700W (58)
    Case: Gigabyte 3d Aurora (103)
    Mobo: Asus G-surf 365 (75) (Cheap Republic of gamers Mobo)
    CPU: Phenom 9850 (145) (regular one, not Black edition)
    Cooler: Thermaltake Big typhoon Vx (29)
    Memory: Kit G.E.I.L. Ultra 2x2Gb 800Mhz CL4 (75)
    GPU: Club3d 4850 (155)
    HDD: WD WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache (70)

    Total: 710

    I must admit I could have saved a little in the case, but I really love this case.

    Other thing to pay attention is the mobo, which is a bit old, AM2 (not AM2+), but is officially supports phenom 9580. It has a decent overclocking ability, with japanese cpacitors and a massive heatsink
    wich covers Northbridge, southbridge and mosfets.

    Be careful if u want to use this mobo with a phenom because it won't boot
    if u dont previously update bios (borrowed sempron 1640+ was used for this).

    The only things i needed to do to achieve this overclocking setup were:

    1)Set FSB to 230Mhz
    2)Set Memory timings 5-5-5 (Memory overclocks from 400 to 460Mhz)
    3)Set Vcore offset to 50mv (This mobo automatically adjusts Vcore within allowed offset)

    Result 2,87Ghz

    System is absolutely stable, and CPU works quite cold. I have tried to lower the Hyoertransport multiplier, set Memory to 666Mhz speed and Increased FSB to see if I achieve 3GHz, but ORTHOs fails after a few minutes).

    Any coments are welcome

    Thank u

    I don't know why cpu-z detects regular 9850 as a black edition one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Low budget-decent air overclocking build (Phenom/ Radeon 4850)-overclocking-jpg
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