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Thread: Some Overclocking questions on GA-EP45-DS3L

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    Default Some Overclocking questions on GA-EP45-DS3L

    I just built my first comp yesterday and surprisingly everything went very easy :) I was interested in Overclocking this a little bit but am a little unsure on some things. First my build

    Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L Mobo with F9 BIOS

    E8500 3.16 ghz core2duo
    EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX+
    GSkill 2x2GB 800MHz RAM 5-5-5-15 timing
    Arctic Silver 7 HS/F
    running on Windows vista 64bit

    1st, I am running CPUz and it keeps showing my multiplier jumping from 9.5 to 6 and back...does anyone know how to stablize this?

    2nd, I'm running Real Temp, Core Temp, Speed Fan. They are all showing 5* differences (37/42/47). anyone know which one is more accurate or which one i should use to monitor while doing overclocking and testing it on load?

    3rd, I'm wanting to get this OC'd to 3.8 GHz stable. with a solid far i have it 3.8 but is there a way to stablize question 1? if so what core temp should i be aiming for @ 3.8? Is there a program i can DL to adjust the fan's RPMs?

    4th, what settings should i use to get a good, safe stable OC on the GPU? also is there a program to DL to adjust the Fan on that too?

    lastly, this is just kindof something odd i just noticed...last night/earlier today CPUz showed the stepping on my E8500 as E0, which is what it is, but now it is showing C0. anyone know why this might happen?

    thanks in advance for any help you can give me

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    Default Re: Some Overclocking questions on GA-EP45-DS3L

    Welcome aboard, and congrats on your build!!

    I take it you have not done much reading, this is something you should for sure do before jumping into overclocking. Please read the sticky's. They may not directly apply to your board, but they will familiarize you with many BIOS options and overclocking procedures.

    As for what you have asked.

    1. You have speedstep enabled, you must disable this to overclock. And it will stop your multiplier and voltage from dropping. Those settings you need to disable are >>>

    Advanced Settings
    Limit CPUID Max. to 3.....................: [Disabled]
    No-Execute Memory Protect............: [Enabled]
    CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)................: [Disabled]
    C2/C2E State Support....................: [Disabled]
    x C4/C4E State Support..................: [Disabled]
    CPU Thermal Monitor 2(TM2) ...........: [Enabled]
    CPU EIST Function.........................: [Disabled]

    2. CoreTemp is correct by default, Speedfan must be configured by your based on a few other programs that you know are correct, RealTemp MUST be calibrated to your system >>>
    Real Temp - Documentation

    I would suggest you calibrate and use RealTemp, or Use CoreTemp. It has correct TjMax of 100 already set for you and should be fully correct provided you have the latest version

    3. Multiplier addressed in answer 1. For a 45NM CPU you want to keep CORE temps under 65 or so with 70 starting to get hot and you need to back of the volts. Speedfan can configure your fans, and you can also change somethings in the BIOS to control them with system speeds depending on your fans and where you have them connected

    4. GPU Overclocks are really not of much use, unless 5-8 FPS is a gain for you. If they are, then as far as you can push them without overheating your card and causing artifacts. RivaTuner can help you overclock, and control fans >>>

    You likely just looked at a different location for your stepping, as this will not ever change.

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