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Thread: Need help OC'ing E6320

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    Default Need help OC'ing E6320

    my comp specs:
    e6320 @ 1.86ghz 4mb L2cache (oc'd it to 2.3ghz) using stock cooler @50-55C under load

    Windows XP Professional SP2

    2gb corsair PC2-5300 (667) at 4-4-4-10 (1:1) (value select)

    P5B Deluxe/Wi-Fi edition

    MSI NX8600 GTS oc'd version (690 mhz, 1050x2 memory)
    PCIE frequency at 100

    600W coolermaster PSU

    all run at auto settings for voltage (CPU, RAM, etc)
    cpu voltage varies from 1.368-1.376

    ive got several questions:

    1. can i reach 2.8ghz using stock cooler?
    i've tried it once by raising the bus to 400mhz with the same ratio (1:1) on RAM and it hit 75C(cpu) on BIOS, the POST wont load and it says overclocking failure. currently im at 2.3ghz.

    2. is it noticeable in term of performance wise when i raise cpu frequency to 2.8ghz from 2.3ghz or not?

    3. what's currently bottlenecking my pc?

    4. how high do you think my gpu can be overclocked?
    ive overclocked it to 720mhz/1520mhz shader/1101 (x2) memory but it wont stabilize when playing CSS for 5-10 mins so i had to reset my computer. then i lowered the values a lil, went for 714/1500/1082 but the same thing happened. it stables when performing day-to-day applications with both oc'd values above.

    5. which better, should i set the voltages manually or let BIOS decides what's best (auto setting)?
    i believes it sets at 1.8v for the RAM under auto and im thinking or raising it to 1.9v to push it for 800mhz. will this be fine or gonna fry my RAM up?

    pls help me i want to get the highest oc value this cpu can do using the mentioned specs. suggestions and advices are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Need help OC'ing E6320


    im desperate

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