hi, new to overclocking and i have a few problems.
1st when CIS2 is enable i cant seem to get over 233fsb,just end up with BSOD or cant boot.
2nd when CIA2 is enable and fsb set at 232x8=1840 but i get all sort of different reading from 1320 till 5988.CIA2 disable and fsb275x8=2200 will get me reading from 1300 till 2898.isit normal?
my system is
P45UD3P motherboard
e2140 with stock hsf
kigston pc5300 1gb x2
275x8=2200mhz currently cannot go over then tat
CIA2 disable
vvolt 1.35
rest are at default
thx in advance

with 232x8 setting,dunno why went up so high

275x8 current setting