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Thread: Begginer OC'er X48T-DQ6 w/ Q9650

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    Question Begginer OC'er X48T-DQ6 w/ Q9650

    I have a problem, I have read numerous, well written articles and forums about how to properly overclock. Unfortunately, the computer I have is a big investment for me and I'm actually too scared that I might might screw something up. I know my cpu has a locked multiplier (thanks intel) which means I have to tweak with the cpu host freq. (FSB) and the voltages, timings, etc. If it appears that I know what I'm talking about, I don't. That's where my knowlege ends... terminology. Can ANYONE reccommend any good settings that are known to work? Or better yet an ALMIGHTY overclockers guide to the galxay that got you pros started? I have 1 gig of ram (1333 pqi) and cpu-z is telling me that with stock settings in bios, this 400 dollar q9650 is only laying down 2 ghz!!! Outragous.
    P.S. I have a perfectly working antec quatro 1000, so power is no obsticle here. Also have a low range evga nvidia 9600 gt card. Hope I'm not being too vague or downright "newbish". Thanks you!

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    Default Re: Begginer OC'er X48T-DQ6 w/ Q9650

    Everybody was a n00b once.

    It's difficult to suggest "settings that are known to work" because every CPU, every northbridge, every stick of RAM is different. I don't have any experience on your particular hardware. I'm happier suggesting a conservative approach that you can use on most combinations.

    The main principles are:

    - Start from a known stable state;
    - Make small steps away from that known stable state;
    - Change only one thing at a time, and try to push only one system limit at a time;
    - Do frequent stability tests - these can be anything from POST, to RAM tests, to booting your OS of choice, to running your app or game of choice, to running some killer stress test for 24 hours;
    - Watch your temperatures. Overheating a CPU or a northbridge is the #1 way to screw up perfectly good hardware;
    - Don't go nuts on the voltages. Overvolting is the #2 way to fry parts. Raise voltages as a last resort, when none of your other tricks works, and then only by the smallest amount that gets the results you want. Excessive heat combined with excessive voltage will destroy parts quicker than either one alone.
    - Keep good records of what worked and what didn't.

    So for example, you might start by setting the CPU clock multiplier as low as it goes, set the RAM clocks to 2:1, set the RAM timing really conservative, then try cranking up the front side bus speed as far as you can. Once you find a stable FSB speed, now try bumping up the CPU clock multiplier. When you're happy with the CPU core speed, you can dial up the RAM clock. Get the RAM clock happy, now you can tweak the RAM timings for max bandwidth. Etc., etc., etc.

    Remember not to go OC crazy with any irreplaceable data on the disk, and don't put the system into "production" until you are certain it's really stable. Of course if you're just looking for maximum FPS in games, go nuts, but be prepared to reinstall the OS!

    Read up on your particular chips and mobo, grab some testing software, and have fun!

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    Red face Re: Begginer OC'er X48T-DQ6 w/ Q9650

    thanks a lot for the feedback. I actually did a little more research and did my own little thing while keeping in mind what you said. I somehow got it stable (according to OCCT after one hour of stress testing it) and played games and left it on overnight at 3.6 GHZ!!! I'm so happy w/ it. I'm a little concerned however, because my VCore is only at 1.2875 and most pep I talked to w/ similar setups had to crank their voltage to like 1.4 - 1.45. But I disabled that intel stepping thing that makes the processor's FSB in ratio w/ the strain on the cpu, in other words if the cpu was chillin it would only be at like 2.4 ghz, but under a full load, 3.6. I thought that was kinda b.s. cause I just wanna kinda have a nice show off comp and prove to pep what my systems got! lol. Another weird thing, I left it running overnight... still at a constant 3.6.... restarted it real quick, went to pc health in bios, core temp was only 34 degrees Cel. I'm.............. kinda scared... lol, should I be, or did I just get lucky and my cpu is in really good shape? My pci freq. is at 100, cpu speed is on turbo, FSB is 400, multiplier is 9x, left my ram latency and voltage on auto, and ya... it somehow worked first try, that's y im scared, I i'm half a step under a noob here, this is my FIRST over**** EVER!
    Thanks again for the help.

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