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Thread: Need help overclocking x48 DS4

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    Default Need help overclocking x48 DS4

    Hi Guys,
    I have one of these boards with a q6600 chip and 2x2 gig sticks of 1066 memory. Can someone be kind enough to explain some of the settings in this board bios for me?

    In the line called "System Memory Multiplier (SPD) it has options such as
    2.00D for 266 FSB
    2.00B for 333
    2.00C for 400 FSB

    but there is no option for 533 FSB and it appears that no matter how I put the multiplyer it doesnt like me to keep the FSB on 'Auto' Its really frustrating me.

    Is there anyone who has this board or knows these settings who can comment?

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    Default Re: Need help overclocking x48 DS4

    yeah i have a q6600 runing on 3.4 ghz GO,you should look for your fsb speed and choose the closest to the system multiplier...for ex. your running fsb at 3.2 ghz like 8x400 is 3.2...choose 2.00D cause the manual has a reference to run with the fsb speed dreq. at 1:1 for 2.0...always choose 2.00...

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