Signs & Symptons of TOO much OC'ing are ??

Motherboard is UD3P using a Q9400 quad core, am wondering if some of my symptoms and signs are from TOO MUCH Overclocking?

1. Frequent non-responsiveness from non-heavy cpu programs running.
2. When something freezes and I click ctrl-alt-del it takes up to 5 minutes before the task manager is running and workable.
3. As #2, I have freezes for simple things like firefox or office excel programs, no hardcore gaming involved.

It's common for me to have at least 10 freezes per week, 50% unrecoverable causing ME to reboot.

I am NOT having random reboots.

I overclocked from stock 2.66 Ghz to 3.2 Ghz speed and nothing seemed unusual.

It did this before overclocking but it seems to have doubled in the number of 'not responding' messages from applications.

So have I described enough that should make me go back to stock speeds and leave this overclocking alone?

Please... PLEASE let me know...