Hi everyone
My name is Hanna, I have been watching this forum for sometime now but have not participated, most of you are much more knowledgeable than i am and i have learned a lot!.

I am having difficulties overclocking my computer that i use for work, mainly it is used for CAD/CAM using Rhino and rendering with V-ray. Speed is a necessity, due to the economic times instead of upgrading i want to overclock this unit; I am having trouble and would like to see if anyone using a similar setup would like to offer some advice or share their settings as a starting point.

I do play games but this is mostly a render and design engine, my programs are CPU intensive and my render program can utilise as many cores as i can make available.

Equipment as follows.
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4
4 gigs of corsair Ballistix build PC2-8500
corsair 750w power supply
10,000 rpm raptor drive
air cooled using a Asus Triton 88 cpu fan
pny 8800 gts 512

Thank you for your help in advance.