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Thread: Another GA-EP31-DS3L overclocking problem...

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    Default Another GA-EP31-DS3L overclocking problem...

    Just put together my new system:

    Q6600 + arctic freezer7 pro
    I bought 4x1GB sticks of OCZ PC2-6400 which I now have to swap for 2x2GB.
    HD4870 1GB

    I am currently dual booting XP pro and Vista Ultimate 64bit.

    I have never overclocked before, so this is my first try, but like most people with this board, im having major problems.

    I started off just putting +0.2v on my ram to set it at 2.1v like recommended on the OCZ website, and dropped my vcore to 1.150v and running prime95 to make sure this was stable.
    Everything was fine, games ran perfectly in XP and vista under these settings.

    However, I know want to overclock, I have been testing all different kinds of settings but nothing will boot when I have CPU Host Clock Control enabled.

    I have tried running everything at optimized settings, then enabling cpu host control, I have tried PCI-e set to 100mhz, I have uninstalled DES in vista and XP, I have disabled all the energy saving settings in bios, I have tried increasing my vcore rather than decreasing but nothing I do will allow me to boot (still at stock clock speeds) with cpu host control enabled.

    As soon as I can boot with it enabled I can start OC'ing, but unfortunately nothing works!

    Help! Im wishing I bought a different board :(

    Cheers, Stu.

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    Default Re: Another GA-EP31-DS3L overclocking problem...

    Nevermind, it would seem that disabling Legacy USB has fixed it.

    Cant believe Ive spent all day struggling with this and failing due to an external HDD!

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