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Thread: Capacitor Memory Release Technique for Faking Cold Starts ?

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    Default Capacitor Memory Release Technique for Faking Cold Starts ?

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I figured you guys would have the most practical know-how about this.

    I'm playing with various BIOS settings and I am testing their effects on my POST times.
    I'm test-timing my system starting from cold power-offs. To fake a longer power-down time, I've been shutting down the system, then switching off at the power bar, and then holding the case power button in for 60-90 seconds.

    The capacitors (I guess) let go of their stored memory (in theory). At first I often get a last gasp of unspent energy from a case fan, and then I just keep holding the button in.
    I know the drives are still warm, so I know this isn't a perfect way of measuring things. I prefer to leave the computer off for overnight or quite a few hours, anyway—which produces accurate test results, but sure makes testing slow.

    Am I doing it right, or is there a better way? Thanks.
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