Just picked a Gigabyte GA-G31M-E2SL, E5200 and Patriot dd2 800 ram, after i installed the drivers and made sure everything was working i updated to Bios F9c restarted and went to bios hit ctrl-f1 and changed the fsb to 240x12.5 (3ghz) and upped the cpu V to 1.325 saved and reset but once the bios intro screen came up i noticed the cpu was at 200x12.5 so i went back into bios to find everything back to default. I have since tried 205x9, 201x12.5, 233x11 no matter what i do i cannot get the fsb over 200.

What is going on?


CPU Clock Ratio: 12.5
CPU Host Freq: 240
Performance Enhance: Standard
System Memory Multi: 3.33
Memory Freq: 800 mhz
DRAM Timing: 5-5-5-12
CPU Voltage: 1.325 (1.275 stock)
C1E: Disabled
PCI-E: 100 mhz
DDR2 Overvoltage: Normal
FSB Overvoltage: Normal
FBS DeOvervoltage: Normal
CPU GTLREF Volatage Ratio: 0.67