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Thread: Core i7 860

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    Default Core i7 860

    Hey so after getting my build all up and running I have decided to start playing and overclock. I am wondering if anyone else has over clocked one of these processors yet and I am looking for what kinda of temps you were getting.
    CPU-Z Validator 3.1
    Thats to my CPU-Z link showing what I have this clocked to, right now I am at 3.3 GHz, but my concern comes in with my temps. I am running Prime 95 right now and not getting errors however the temp on Core 1 is spiking to 74, and whats weird is that I had this clocked higher and wasnt seeing that high of temps. Just hoping to see what other people have to say about this.

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    Default Re: Core i7 860

    Is that with the stock Intel heatsink? Have you tried remounting your heatsink?
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