So I've successfully (as far as I can tell) overclocked my e8400 to 3.6ghz but my question is actually about the cpu to memory ratio.

Is it okay to have a 3:4 ratio (my memory is at 533mhz, which I believe is oc'ing my memory as well to 1066) or would it be better to bring my memory down for the 1:1 ratio?

Overclocking my cpu further is not an option atm because I still am using the stock intel heatsink+fan and i'm worried it will get too toasty.

I tested with Real Temp and idle its at 38-40 but during intelburn it reached 85!!! (time to invest in a better HSF)

Anyway... my main question is what's better, 3:4 or 1:1, or does it matter?