I would like to know how to overclock this cpu with this motherboard.

I don't know what was the setting, but I know it started at 133 and increasing it was raising the memory speed and the cpu, and increased until maybe 166 or 167 (It was in the M.I.T)

The ram went to 1600 and the CPU went roughly 3.33GHz. The motherboard runs it 1333mhz by default.

It booted fine, but the idle temperature went up to 45C comparing 21-29c while idle stock.
HWMonitor was reporting like 100w idle comparing 25w stock.
I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus.

Is it possible to overclock the CPU (eg: to 3.33ghz and ram 1600mhz) with lower temps?
the GSkill rams are rated 1600mhz stock.

Should I set the VCore to Normal instead?