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Thread: P4 1.8A @ 2.7 - Should I continue to use stock cooling?

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    I recently upgraded my system the other day.

    After much reasearch (Northwood over clocking guide here helped LOTS!) i decided the best bang for my buck was was get a boxed 1.8A and overclock that.

    I also purchased an ASUS P4S533 SiS (645DX chipset).

    I'm now running totally stable at 2.7 - I have not tried to go any higher yet as i dont really know what temperature my CPU is running at.

    So my question (or two :rolleyes2 )is this:

    Do i continue to fly blind and just assume all is okay as my system is not crashing?
    Or should i invest in some better cooling? How do i find my systems temps?

    I downloaded Motherboard monitor, but i could not get it to show the temps of my system <- not sure whats wrong here.

    Input would great.
    Thanks fer ya time.


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    Ummm yeah think about getting a "Volcano 7+" HSF. And maybe a new case depending on what you currently have... You may also want to look into water cooling...

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    i would invest in some better cooling,
    after your computer has been running for a while check what speed the cpu is detecting at, because if a p4 overheats then it underclocks it's self, so you might not be running 2.7Ghz
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    If you're gettin' it that far with the stock ok then yes get a Volcano 7+ and you may get a bit more out of it at the expensive of a little noise if used at high speed. :thumb:

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    1.Fist of all did you install the AsusPC Probe Software which came with M.B.? It monitors the temps and fan speeds.
    2.If you have an extra 5.25 bay you can buy a Digital Doc 5, which
    has 8 temp Probes for monitoring Case temps/ it also can show you your Case Fan speeds and can control them.Preferrable

    My System:
    P4 1.6A @ 2.133Ghz. 133FSB /conservative O.C.
    Asus P4S533 M.B. (SiS 645DX Chipset)
    Leadtek AD 250 TD Gf 4 Ti-4400 Which runs nicely @ 300/650Mhz.
    Maxtor 80 Gig. 7200 RPM ATA-133 H.D.
    Yamaha CRW-3200 CDRW
    Lite-On 163 16X DVD
    Digital Doc 5
    SuperFlower Black Aluminum/Magnesium Case with 6 case fans stock.
    Antec TruePower 430 Watt P.S.
    IBM P97 Stealth 19 inch CRT Monitor
    Logitech Z-560 4.1 Speakers
    Belkin 1200 V/A UPS

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    Im currently looking at the P4 a cpus for a spare PC. Might get the 2.0a putting it on a Giga-Byte GA-8SR533 .

    Not sure what to expect against my current system but i guess we will see :)

    Also do these CPU`s run at 400fsb ?
    P4 2.8 HT ( Oced to 3 ghz )
    ASUS P4P800 Mobo
    2 x 512DDR 400mhz ( running Duel DDR )
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    550 Antec True Control
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    Hercules 5.1 Speakers
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    Thermal Take Xaser 2 Case
    AquaMark Score: 41,000
    CM: 351 / 311 MHz

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    How many volts are you using to run at that speed?

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    for temp read outs i'm using th asus pcprobe which also is giving me my fan speeds and voltages all came on a disc with th brd..
    I'm running a 1.6a 400fsb set to 152 ex' freqency returning 2.4+
    the vcore accordin to pcprobe is 1.712 and I've almost got it stable might have to back off a little, back to 150 probably :(
    th hsf is th TT Dragon running via my fanbus at under half speed, temps so far haven't exceeded 45c whilst running Sandra burnin for 100 cycles at a time at idle th temp is generally no more than 28c ..
    th point of giving u all this info is really just to let u know that this is th first aftermarket hsf I have used and to me it appears to be really efficient but very noisy if you feel you have to turn th fan speed up but spinning at no more than 2700 rpm at th mo th noisiest thing in my case is th fan on my gf2 mx400, gotta voltmod that next
    anyway best of luck with your choices

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