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Thread: Did I screw things up here or what? OC Soyo, no screen now

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    I need some help here. When I boot up, I get nothing to the screen, and little to no hard disk activity. I've reset CMOS a number of times to no avail.

    Here's a sequence of events:

    I have my video overclocked at 300/550, and have had it there fine for a three weeks.
    I tried overclocking my FSB from 133 to 150. Computer would not come up, nothing to screen.
    I reset CMOS and she cmae up fine; I put my BIOS back like it was originally and she was fine.
    I then tried overclocking DRAM @ 2.5-2-5-2-1 and with 4 bank interleave. Computer came up, but 3DMark2001SE wouldn't run. So I reset memory.
    I then said to heck with overclocking, and decided to fix my floppy which to that point hadn't been working properly. I replaced the cable, and in POST got a Floppy Drive Error. I tried switching the IO cord around, replacing it, got the same Floppy Drive Error in POST.
    OK, so I take the floppy out of the mix, try booting up with no floppy, and the computer gives out one long beep at the beginning, then just sits there. All fans whirring, but no screen and no hard drive activity.
    OK, So, I reset CMOS and try powering up again without the floppy. Same problem. Add the floppy back. Same problem. Reset CMOS again. Same problem.

    Any ideas out there for a n00b who might have f*cked up his new PC?


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    With your working around with it may have unsetted the videocard or memory so just take them out and reseat them again. Also with clearing the CMOS it's a good idea to disconnect the power lead sometimes. ;)

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    well are u getting a POST beep? cos even without a video card i think it should still post
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    I definitly agree with reseating the ram and vid card and removing power from the box when resetting the CMOS. Some mobos take longer than others to clear. Try leaving the jumper in the clear CMOS position for a half hour (should be way more than enough) just to make sure that it is resetting. And no, it won't post without a working video card. You could also use another machine and look up the post codes for your BIOS at the manufacturer's site.

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    I had a similar problem when trying to boot my system. I made sure every possible cable and card was seated properly. Nothing I tried would work. I was just about to give up when I found out that one of my friends thought it would be funny to turn the brightness on my monitor all the way down. It just goes to show that sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest to reach. As for overclocking, I experienced some trouble when trying to overclock my RAM. I resolved the issue by setting my clock frequency to 150Mhz and my DRAM frequeny to By Spd.
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