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Thread: Recommended speed for a Ti4400

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    Ok i got a Geforce 4 Ti4400 and i have it runnin at 310/650 pretty high which i know i am gonna lower the mem speed but anyways i have the thermaltake coolers and heatsinks on it so cooling isnt much of a prob any suggestions on a speed
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    Sqeak In my humble opinion (hah), unless you "need" to overclock to get enough frame rate to play a game at a particular setting, keep it conservative or don't overclock at all. I change the settings on my card several times a day. When I don't need speed, it's at stock settings. I want it to last.

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    ACK! What do you mean "keep it conservative or don't overclock at all"? How can anyone who considers themselves to be a true enthusiast have their video card and processor at stock speeds unless it's in the name of testing? And even then, you should do both stock and O/C values. Besides, it will be upgrade time long before you burn out a GF4 GPU even at overclocked speeds.

    As a general rule, increase the memory and GPU frequencies to a point where you begin seeing visual artifacts in intensive 3d titles. Once you start seeing them, back the speeds off by a hair and use this as your normal settings. This will give you the best performance on a regular basis. And since you stated that you had a GF4 cooler, you shouldn't have any real concerns about heat. :)

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    I've got my MSI GeForce4-Ti4400 upto 330/630 very stabily. Most get even higher with the memory.
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