Hi to everyone reading this post. I'm new to this forum, and to the whole overclocking thing, and I have some doubts about it. Since some months ago, I adquired a Core2 Q8300 (@2.5mhz) proccesor, a Gigabyte Ep43t motherboard, 3x 1gb DDR3 @1333mhz Corsair and a 1x 2gb @1333mhz Kingstone RAMs working at the default settings, and a V8(Cooler Master) proccesor cooler. I'm confused, because I saw on hwbot.org, a guy that OCd this proccesor to 3,9mhz, with a GA-EP45-UD3R MB with Air cooling method (pileto's 3952.76 mhz CPU-Z run with Core 2 Q8300 (2.5Ghz) @ 3952.8MHz), while I'm only able to reach 3.1 mhz... The problem is, that in the site, there are no specifications about what he did to reach this, and, in the CPU-Z screenshot, doesn't appear the voltage set up for the proccesor. So, without touching too much, I reached only 3,1mhz by changing the multiplier to 7.0, the "fine" to 0.5, so the multiplier final value is 7.5. The FSB Clock to 419 and the VCore to 1.45v. Can someone help me to reach a higher clock speed, because when I turn up the voltage, and the FSB, my computer won't start :(. Fortunately, after a new configuration fails, the motherboard put automatically the older values to make it start... Any ideas/suggestions

(I'm really sorry if my post it's difficult to understand, my english is not the best)