ok so ive been testing and overclocking for the past 2 days.. and still not getting as much as i can out of it.. at least that is my opinion..

the question im asking is... is it better to have the fsb up and multiplier lower?
or the other way around? noone seems to be able to answer me these questions..

i hope u guys can help me out a bit
tbh im wiling to xperiment with it.. as im trying to get the most out of it for the time being...
here are some screens .. though the multiplier vs fsb is what im interested in. and if that should i up the nb freq and ht link? or leave em at x10..

ram is running at 1446 i have corsair 1600 but if i up it to the next tick in bios it jumps to 1720 due to the fact that my fsb is upped..

tbh thanks in advance