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Thread: Monitor Background Dims When Overclocked

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    Default Re: Monitor Background Dims When Overclocked

    Ok Chike, well I just wanted to say I think I figured out the problem... and thank you for helping me with this issue man.

    I don't think this issue had anything to do with my overclocking, because I turned it off and loaded my computer back up and noticed the screen dimmed very slightly. Maybe by like 5%... so the OCing just seemed to make it worse.

    Anyways, the problem was coming from my start-up group items. I went into msconfig and disabled all start-up items and the issue went away. Then I went back in and enabled only the ones I needed/used and as of right now the problem has not returned. I didn't bother going through the items to see which program or process it was, but if the problem ever arises again I'm just gonna buy a new power supply and maybe a new video card and reformat lol. I'm having so many other silly issues with the comp right now I'm just about ready to start selling piece by piece on eBay.

    Once again, thank you very much for your help Chike and wazza. You guys are great!

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    Default Re: Monitor Background Dims When Overclocked

    Probably what wazza said, DES or some energy saveing program/utility.

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