Hey guys,
Got my hands on one (well four) of these the other day, and let me say it's crazy good!
I've had a number of Ref 480/580's, and while they run well, when it comes to overclocking they have been a bit of a let down for me.
Sure, not everyone is wanting to volt mod and mount an ln2 pot to their new $900NZ video card....But I sure do!

This is my new baby

And yes, it really is big, fills 3 pci-e slots :eek:

For modding...
1 X vid mod (solder to set vid to 1.4v)
1 X vmem (solder on a 20k vr)
1 X PLL (solder on a 50k vr)
3 X read points (vgpu, vmem and vpll)
3 X ocp (solder per phase, mem and overall ocp)
1 X cbb ( solder 3 points together to lower cold boot bug)

Should end up looking like this.

And if some mates from Team.AU pass you their cards....

Only getting started with this card, but in testing it did 1575 core GT3 3D05, but almost past 1600. With more testing I'm sure I'll get it to stick.

For now though.

This is our 3D05 score with one card.
5th in the world

Deanzo's 56972 marks 3DMark05 run with GeForce GTX 580 @ 1498/1200MHz

And Dual card
1st in the world

Deanzo's 57705 marks 3DMark05 run with 2x GeForce GTX 580 @ 1200/1100MHz

Soo much more to do with this/these cards, will up date as I get time.