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Thread: i5 SB AVX Stable?

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    Default i5 SB AVX Stable?

    I ent through a lot of issues trying to run 4.4Ghz with my set up. It is the i5 SB 2500k, GB P57A-UD3P-B3 and 8 GB GSkill Rpjaws X.

    At 4.4GHz I used 1.34vcore, LLC Enabled, CPU PLL from 1.52 to various other voltages up to 1.8, QPI/VTT 1.05 and 1.1. Ram was left at stock 1333 DDR3 at 1.5v.

    Although this was stable in IBT and LinX under 128bit binaries, it failed AVX LinX.

    I then said what the hell and tried 4.8Ghz at 1.4vcore and crashed and burned lol. Cleared cmos and worked my way up again to this. It is now 4.2Ghz stable, i hope, with a low vcore. All other voltages are at or near default values.

    Question is, should i stay put here or attempt another higher multi?

    Heres the pic. Ambient temperature is 26C. Didn't realize the ambient temperature until i ran the stress. Turned on the ac lol. Temps should hopefully drop by another 5 degrees as it is nearing 22 degrees C ambient now.

    Also another thing to point out. I ran IBT without AVX and temps peaked at 53-54 on all 4 cores. Did a short test run to make sure it could handle it before attempting the heavier more demanding stress; LinX. With Linx the temperatures rose a lot, but keep in mind ambient was also high.

    Forgot to mention I set ram voltage to default at 1.5, ram at 9-9-9-21(default 7-7-7-21) and 1600MHz up from 1333Mhz.
    Click for clearer image.
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    Default Re: i5 SB AVX Stable?

    Well, I couldn't resist. I took her to 4.4GHz. Set vcore to 1.34 and booted at 4.4ghz then all hell broke loose. Literally. Upon boot i received a xF4 BSOD, fixed it then got a x50 BSOD. Found the culprit to be RAM associated. Ram was 1600MHz @ 8-8-8-21. Loosened her up a bit to 9-9-9-24 and no issues. Also raised QPI/VTT and PCH Core to 1.1v. Ram was left at 1.5v due to some undesired information found on the net. Max RAM, according to Intel tech support, was 1.5volt with 1.52vcore. So I decided to leave vdimm to a minimum if it helps at all.

    Temps rose once more, but I think it's my case which sucks. The internal wiring is a hell hole. Will be picking up the HAF 912 later on and switching. Ill post some pics of my case so you can understand my dilemma as well as progression.

    At 4.4GHz I pass AVX LinX with 118-119 GFlops. Did 3 passes and now running IBT without AVX for 5 passes on max. I think that should show if she's stable or not. Lsdmeasap recommended not to run more than 20 times MAX.

    Currently 4.4GHZ @ 1.31 vcore.
    Here are some fresh pics.

    You can see in these pictures whats going on. Air flow, stress testing with IBT/LinX, and ambient temps.

    PC OC - Imgur

    So far she's stable. I couldnt resist keeping myself from 4.4 Ghz. I'd try to go higher but it ain't happening. Needs too much voltage.
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    Default Re: i5 SB AVX Stable?

    Maybee the update messed up with drivers/settings? Can't believe it should cause such a major FPS frop.
    Or maybe some services were running at that time, let the system settle down.
    I recall Lsdmeasap had LinX run with 132GFlops with AVX, not sure if it was 4.6GHz or higher, but memory was at 2133 or 1866 I think..

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