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Thread: Gigabyte X58A-OC Takes X58 Bclk World Record @ 276.42 Bclk!!

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    Default Gigabyte X58A-OC Takes X58 Bclk World Record @ 276.42 Bclk!!

    Gigabyte X58A-OC Takes X58 Bclk World Record @ 276.42 Bclk!!

    Hi guys and gals!

    After my recent Bclk adventures on phase, I knew it was time to get this setup under some colder temps and try to secure a world record. Yesterday the board was frozen, and the world record at HWBot for Bclk was mine :)

    This is my first world record, I'm so excited!!! So, all you Ln2 users with a X58A-OC board, please let me enjoy the limelight for a little while - thanks! J/K, keep on pushing guys!

    This only took me about 10 minutes after booting from the settings I used on phase, tried for more for an hour or two, but this was the limit of this CPU on dice temps. Needless to say I had plenty of dry ice left over haha! I also just realized I had the Uncore set higher than I thought and that may have actually been what stopped me instead of the actual Bclk being the limiting factor. I had it set to x16 and meant to have it on 12-13, so I may be able to take this further with less uncore, we'll see next time around or shortly on phase :)

    Hardware used:
    GIGABYTE GA-X58A-OC Motherboard BIOS F5b (What a beast!)
    Intel 920 C0/C1 CPU
    Mushkin Ridgeback 998826 (4GB) Memory
    Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB SSD
    PNY FX 5500 - 128MB PCI Graphics card
    NZXT Hale90 750W PSU
    Dry Ice W/ Acetone @ BartX Custom Dice Pot

    The voltages and settings I used can for the most part be seen in the 272 SuperPI 1MB screenshot below, except a little less IOH and a little more PCIE (1.36V / 125.8) for the 276.42 Bclk, if you'd like to know more feel free to ask - enjoy!

    SuperPI 1MB 272 Bclk!! (Could have possibly done it higher, forgot to go back and try :( )

    Click to enlarge

    And finally the world record!!

    Here is the top 20 current HWBot standings for X58 Reference Clock

    Hardware news, Overclocking Competitions, Reviews

    276.42 Bclk 4c/8t

    CPU-z Validation Link - 276.42 Bclk

    Hardware news, Overclocking Competitions, Reviews

    I was also able to achieve 263.5 Bclk using x19 multiplier, this CPU isn't able to reach much above 5Ghz though, maybe only about 5.2GHz or so. So that, and the fact that higher voltages and temps mean lower Bclk, this was all I could get using the x19 multi during my short attempts on that multi.

    263.5 Bclk @ X19 Multi 4c/8t

    CPU-z Validation Link - 263.5 Bclk

    Also, here's a video of booting at 260 Bclk, then going up to 276 in windows, for anyone thinking these are from the Bclk bugging out :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap
    I felt I needed to add this in, I see many people commenting that this is a golden or binned CPU. In reality it's more like the exact opposite, this was likely a bottom of the barrel and that's why it was sent my way to learn with!

    To anyone thinking this is a binned CPU, it FOR SURE IS NOT!!!

    This CPU was sent my way back when X58 came out, and was only sent to me so that I could learn X58 to better be able to help others with their issues. This CPU is for sure not a golden or binned sample, it can barely do 5.2Ghz. It's been sitting on my shelf unused for a long time because I have other newer better CPU's, and it's been sitting due to that and because this is one of the early ones with locked memory multipliers at 8/10.

    I am not an extreme enough overclocker to be sent binned or cherry picked CPU's, far from it!!

    Bclk is all about the CPU though, my other 2 can't go this high on Bclk but then can do MUCH better overall Ghz. If anyone wants to send me a 920 for testing I'll be up for testing it, otherwise don't comment that I need to test retail as there is no point really because this CPU is the same or worse than retail (Likely much worse since it's early C0/C1 and locked memory multi's). I can't afford to bin, and no one is binning for me because I'm not a record breaking extreme overclocker, I only have access to Phase and Dry Ice, binned CPU's and cherry picked samples end up in the hands of extreme LN2 users whom are known for breaking important records such as 3DMark, PCMark, ect.

    So to sum it up, this is NOT a Golden, NOT Cherry Picked, and NOT hand picked sample!! This is a run of the mill, sub-average overclocking, very early sample, only sent my way to learn X58 (Overclocking was not in mind at all). It's only luck of the draw that this CPU can do high Bclk's, and you get that luck of the draw with any CPU, that's all it can do is high Bclk and I only found that out by luck in choosing to dig out this CPU and give it a try again (it could only do 231 Bclk previously on UD4P).

    Huge thanks to everyone @ GIGABYTE for all of their continued support!!
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    Default Re: Gigabyte X58A-OC Takes X58 Bclk World Record @ 276.42 Bclk!!

    VERY nice Bclk but WOW 1.68 volts?!?! dry ice is cool for a few minutes for screenies but need a 24/7 stabilty setup...set your multy to 23x.

    what can u wack 24/7 stable is the question? i sold my x58 gigabyte ud3r,i7 930,12 gigs smartracers for $400 towards $500 upgrade(no brainer 4 me) ....the (x58/i7,s) just ran wayyy to hot at 4.2ghz+ @ 1.45v 46Idle(thats crazy) VS my 2500k @ 4.5ghz 38 idle 1.332 volts cooled by (2)x 120mmx3 rads including my Evga hrdro gtx 590 is same loop(gpu temps 31-33c,gaming 41-44c) + 8gigs(4gigs x 2sticks) ddr3 2133 @ 1.5volts,set it and game on it!.......the x58 served me well for a year or so...sandybridge is all multy + 4 volt changes,done,no blck,simplicity city...amazing

    Gigabyte X58A-OC Takes X58 Bclk World Record @ 276.42 Bclk!!-mobo-shot-pc3-jpg


    super pi 24/7 settings

    4.8 primed

    inetl 2500k @ 4.5,heatkiller rev 3 waterblock.evga hydr gtx 590,8 gigs ripjaws ddr3 2133.biostar tp67xe mobo

    2500k priming 4.8,2133 ripjaws,heatkiller rev 3 block

    what 24/7 Stable clock,volts and temps is that 920 doing is the question.4ghz feeasable? i7,s run so dam hot over 4ghz.blck meant nothing for me,i just used multy 23x + volts,done
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    Stacker830 Watercooled
    windows7 ultimate 64 bit!!!
    Heatkiller waterblock on intel 2500k @4.5Ghz @1.32volt
    8 gigs Gskill Ripjaw ddr3 2133 @ 1.5 volts
    Swiftech p655 pump,1\2 tygon
    13x120 sunnons on lamptron fc3 controller,
    (2)triple 120mm rads.single raptor 150(reliable)
    biostar TP67XE(this mobo is amazing)
    xfi-xtrememusic,klipsch ultras 5.1/500 watt amp,
    sen hd-595s headphones,logitech stick mic
    co0lermaster-1250 watt real pro powersupply = 99ampz!
    Evga Hydro Gtx 590 on 24"Sony FW-900 at 2304x1440 80 hz = 80 solid fps 16:10 black ops!
    Hi quality CRTS are built for gaming!!!O.L.E.D is the future,not Liquid Crap Displays(lcds)!

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    Default Re: Gigabyte X58A-OC Takes X58 Bclk World Record @ 276.42 Bclk!!

    I hear that new z75 chipset motherboards will also support socket 1366?
    Gigabyte z77x UP4-TH F11c Modded Bios
    Intel i7 3770k 24/[email protected] 1.38v Turbo llc +0.165v dvid multithreading enabled
    Samsung Green(MV-3V4G3D/US) 8GB @2133mhz 9-10-10-21-1t 1.55v
    Thermalright Silver Arrow Cpu Cooler
    1xSamsung 840 pro 256 Gb SSD windows 8.1 pro 64bit
    1xSamsung f4 HD204UI 2tb hard drive Storage
    Powercolor 7970 3gb V3 @1150mhz core/1700mhz mem,1.150v Accelero aftermarket air cooler 55c max
    Razer Lycosa Keyboard
    Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers
    Lite-On iHAS124-19 24x Sata DVDRW
    K-World Hybrid DVB-T 210SE Digital T.V Card
    L.G E2260V L.E.D 1920x1080 Monitor
    Xfx Pro 750w silver rated Psu 80+
    Fractal Arc Midi Case x58 ud5 <=3.8ghz + 4.2ghz Overclock Template!! Visit Me On Youtube

    Lots Of Gaming Videos With X58 Ud5 System And Gpu On My Youtube Channel!!
    Just Uploaded New Battlefield 4 Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Gigabyte X58A-OC Takes X58 Bclk World Record @ 276.42 Bclk!!

    @ bf2nut

    Thanks! And haha, 1.68V is nothing, I've ran 1.8-1.9+. And dry ice can be ran for MANY hours, I normally have a session for 6-10 hours when I play with it

    This is about records, not daily or 24/7 usage! If you'd like to know, this CPU is your average 920, and can do 4Ghz with about 1.4ish Vcore. Some people play sports, others play games, and then some overclock for sport - that is what I do and what this is about. 24/7 or daily usage does not matter here!! No offense meant, just letting you know what this is about, and what it's not about :)

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