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Thread: Overclocking a DELL...

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    Got a DELL Demension4100/733mhz with 384mb ram. Is there a way to overclock this 'puter? The bios is not adjustable. any ideas is appreciated.

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    You might try looking into some third party FSB manipulation utilities that are available. There are different ones that may be compatible with your chipset. SoftFSB is a popular one that usually works well, but you'll want to check for it's working chipset lists.
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    Companies like Dell try to keep you from oc'ing to hold down tech support calls. They also tend to use components that are rather conservetive in terms of potential, which are very stable, but often not suitable for oc'ing. I wish you luck, but I would be surprised if you can get much more out of it. I don't know if this applys to your machine, but beware if you ever consider upgrading the motherboard, that Dell has for some time now been using power supplies that do not have a standard ATX pinout of the mobo power connector. In these cases, a new power supply is required with a new mobo. As far as I know, there is no easy way to determine which power supplies these are without a voltmeter. I really hate Dell for this.

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