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Thread: i5 3570K+Asus P8Z77-V Pro Overclocking: please help me...

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    Default i5 3570K+Asus P8Z77-V Pro Overclocking: please help me...

    Hi people. First time poster here. So hello to everyone!

    I am referred here from eagle dynamics forum by someone who praised this forum highly. I am a first time overclocker, and need your help...

    My situation is as follows. I am trying to overclock i5 3570K to 4.4GHz on Asus P8Z77-V Pro. I am stuck at vcore 1.248V (offset mode, -0.01V, LLC ultra-high), as this is the lowest voltage at which WEI and 3DMark benches run without crashing. Bumping the voltage down by 0.005, I could run games (such as batman ahkam city) and stress test (Prime95 and IBT) fine for as long as I had run them, but not those benches; and I see a lot of WHEA errors (event 19) in the event viewer. Bumping it back, all problems are gone. But apparently this is considered by many to be too high a voltage for such cpu clocks (4.4GHz). And as a byproduct, the core temperature reaches 92 degree under IBT, and 85ish under Prime95. Too high a temperature.

    So my question is, is there any way of bumping down the vcore but still being able to run those benches? Now I feel that these benches are more accurate indication of system stability than those stress tests, which will require many hours of running and yet you still cannot be completely sure.

    A second question is, is my temperature, that is 92 degrees at full load under IBT, ok? My cooler is Cooler Master TPC 812, which has received many decent reviews. I also had it in push-pull configuration. The idle/normal load temperatures are 35ish and 55ish respectively, which occasionally bumps to 65ish in the latter case. It hits 80- or 90ish only under stress tests.

    Things I have tried that didn't work:
    for ocing:
    Bumping up the VCCSA voltage to 1V (default 0.925V): according to some well informed people, this amounts to bumping up VCCIO as well on my mainboard
    Bumping up the RAM voltage to 1.55V (default 1.5V)
    Setting voltage manually and disabling energy saving options

    Nothing helped.

    I have also tried reseating the cooler and reapplying the paste for a few times. The temperature is virtually unchanged. By the by, both coretemp and realtemp give the same reading of temperatures. So I am convinced that they are pretty accurate, although other softwares (HWMonitor, Asus AI Suite II) give lower readings (from 5 to 20 degrees lower). I can also assure you that the air flow in my case is not bad. I have 2 intake fans and 3 exhaust ones, one of each are very strong. I have done my best to manage the cables.

    Please give me suggestions... Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: i5 3570K+Asus P8Z77-V Pro Overclocking: please help me...

    Offset voltage 0.01 is not that much, your idle temperatures are way too high.
    First thing I would check if the cooler is secured and thermal paste solution. Too much or too little are equally bad.
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    Default Re: i5 3570K+Asus P8Z77-V Pro Overclocking: please help me...

    try to stay under 80-85c max

    tried with a lower llc level? maybe on high? and lowest + offset?
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