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Thread: Overclock Ram

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    thomson1968 Guest


    OK, I can manage to overclock my CPU no bother, BUT,,,
    When my cpu is overclocked it also overclock's everything else as you all know.
    So I found that as I over clocked the cpu bit by bit and just a wee bit at a time everything was going up (benchmark scores).
    Then when I just over stepped the limit, my Ram scores dropped by loads, the cpu score stayed good and high but the ram score took a big dive.
    SO,,, what I need to know is, how do I overclock the Ram so that it's scores climb with the cpu overclocking.
    The ram speed will climb as I turn up the bus speed but only slightly, then it dives. Heres an example >>> 134/34 ram speed up-135/34 ram speed up- 136/34 - 137/34 ram speed up and then I try 138/35 and thats when the ram score takes a big dive even though the cpu can still take some more heat.
    What do I do here guy's, let me know, cheers,

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    Whats the CAS at and what is it supposed to be at. You may need more voltage to the suckers how much RAM
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    You probably have the memory timings set by SPD and at that point the BIOS decided to set the timings down most likely for stability. You'll have to manually set the timing values to stop this by turning SPD off and that should help if the memory can run at those settings. ;)

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    thomson1968 Guest


    sorry I didnt say, I'am not too clued up on all this stuff.

    I have an AsusP4S533 motherboard with a pentium 4 - 2.4b ghz northwood cpu and 512 mb of pc2700 ddr333 ram and running windows xp pro. Everything is basic including fan's etc. All settings on the motherboard are at default setting.

    As I said, I know how to tweak the cpu speeds but the ram is slowing up bigtime if I go just a wee bit too much, I,E- from 2.4ghz up to 2.47ghz, obviously its the ram thats needing tweaked but I dont know how to do that.

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    thomson1968 Guest


    does this have anything to do with adjusting the jumper switches on the motherboard ????

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