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Poll: Lower memory timings to overclock the FSB?

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Thread: OCing FSB on 1.4GHz Tbird

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    Has anyone got any good results from overclocking the FSB on an Athlon 1.4 GHz ThunderBird, with PC2100 (266MHz) DDR RAM?
    (One 128Mb and one 512Mb)

    I've got mine up to 148MHz, and I was wondering if there was ways to get it higher, without it being unstable, my settings for the RAM timings, and the voltage etc.. Are...

    CL 2.5
    SDRAM Active Latency = 3
    SDRAM Active to Precharge Time = 7
    SDRAM (Can't remember) = 3
    SDRAM Command Rate = 2

    Voltage = 2.7v

    128Mb Brand = Samsung
    512Mb Brand = Elixir

    -Thanks for any replies-

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    Try CAS 3 instead of 2.5 but multiple and mixed memory modules is not the best when overclocking though. Just one 512MB stick is plently for XP to work with and you may get that FSB a little higher if that stick is not what's holding you back. ;)

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    That may or may not be possible depending on the BIOS used in the motherboard. I know that with my EPoX board (using the Award BIOS), I had two choices for CAS settings. 2 or 2.5... nothing else was available.
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    Good advice on how to get the FSB up a little more (I couldn't get CL higher than 2.5 though), I got it up to 160MHz on my 512MB stick (12 MHz faster), and it goes pretty damn fast on my SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro benchmark.

    RAM Int Buffered aEMMX Bandwidth = 2459MB/s (Was 2124MB/s)

    RAM Float Buffered aEMMX Bandwidth = 2379MB/s (Was 2046MB/s)

    BUT (Ohh yes, that fatal 'BUT') when I get round to playing Unreal Tournament 2003, it, at times, stutters on big levels, I then take a look at the HDD's LED, and see it blinking like mad, causing me to fall on the floor in an epileptic fit.

    I guess that extra 128MBs of RAM does do the trick, but what seems weird to me is that the 512MB stick, 'Elixir' (A brand I have never touched before) is better at handling higher speeds than my 128MB RAM stick, 'Samsung' (A brand that I've heard of, and trusted). Maybe it's because my 128MB stick is ancient, and also un-sellable to todays standards.

    Anyway, 148MHz FSB'll have to do me now. :snip:

    Thanks for the tip though. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud Strife
    Has anyone got any good results from overclocking the FSB on an Athlon 1.4 GHz ThunderBird, with PC2100 (266MHz) DDR RAM?
    (One 128Mb and one 512Mb)
    Mine ran 152fsb 1.595GHz pretty stable

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