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Thread: Asrock Pro4 + Pentium G3258 + Kingston M.2 SSD first test

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    Default Asrock Pro4 + Pentium G3258 + Kingston M.2 SSD first test

    So,i just recived this combo
    Unpacking,speedreading the manual...check
    Download bios 1.3...check

    Installed the new M.2 ssd,this is the one I never used before, so im stoked to check the stability and speed on that one,Kingston was available in my country so thats why i picked that one over ex. Crucial.
    Win installation went smooth,i always use a usb stick for win installation,its easy and fast.
    I use a older i3 4340 so i can boot and update the bios to newest (1.30)
    Then i installed the G3258 for fun and overclocking later on.
    Atm,im using some old Team eXtreem DDR3 2000mhz cl9 memory, They are capable of 2300mhz without too much voltage,I also have some Gskill who can do +2600mhz when i wanna push max. Thats for later

    I havent done any overclocking yet (just put 40 multi and everything else on auto atm),goona do that later today cause its +30c outside and almost the same inside,I live in Norway,so were not used to this heat we have this days,not many people have aircon, cause we usally do not need it, wish i had one right

    So,im goona update this tread when i have new benchmarks and overclocks to show.

    Atto,fresh install

    wrong forum,moove to overclocking forum...thanks
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    Default Re: Asrock Pro4 + Pentium G3258 + Kingston M.2 SSD first test

    Easy started pushing,not over 1.28vcore yet, maybe this baby can do 4650-4700mhz under 1,3vcore
    Its +32C in the shade (89,6F) so its not a perfect day to push like crazy.

    Using this for cooling atm, its a HEAVY cpu cooler, Thermalright True Copper weight 1,9KG!!!!

    M.2 Kingston 120 SSD

    Cooling power,push pull 2xPabst 4412F/2GM

    Talking about fans,I have two of this babies, Pabst 4112NH4, 32w,6800RPM,67dB(A),208.9 CFM (5.92m/min)...LOUD!!!! Will use if desperate ;p

    Fast test spi1m and wprime

    Moore to come....
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    Default Re: Asrock Pro4 + Pentium G3258 + Kingston M.2 SSD first test

    Nice cooler, overkill for a G3258, but so what, why not? I hope you don't have those Pabst fans connected to the mother board's fan headers, one of them can draw over 2 1/2 times the power the fan headers are capable of.

    I also hope the backplate of the Thermal Right True Copper is large, to distribute the weight of it and the two fans, you're over... I'll say 2,685KG (almost six pounds) total, which is quite a bit.

    My G3258 will do 4.0GHz easily at a VID of 1.12V (don't forget we don't have a true VCore reading for all Haswell processors on ASRock boards, just VIDs.) Above that the need for a higher VCore increases a lot with each step of 200MHz, don't be surprised if you need more voltage than you would like to use.

    You might want to check your CPU Input voltage, which is set to high by default in most Haswell mother boards. It only needs to be 0.4V - 0.6V higher than the maximum VID. Beyond that causes degradation according to Intel. But people ignore the 1.5V maximum for the memory voltage all the time. ASRock tends to auto set it to 1.8V or more depending upon the OC, but of course they must take into account the worst CPUs, so over compensate for others.

    Your ATTO SSD benchmark is a bit strange, the small file sizes (under 8K) are barely showing in the graph, that is not normal. I would try it again, or try running AS SSD and see what you get.

    Asrock Pro4 + Pentium G3258 + Kingston M.2 SSD first test-g3258-hwinfo-1-png

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    Default Re: Asrock Pro4 + Pentium G3258 + Kingston M.2 SSD first test

    I dont run on the BIG Pabst fans, theres no need. And if i did,I had to mount the MB waterleveled, or else...crack..

    Its a fun chip the Pentium anniversary, and the cheap Asrock Z97 Pro4 isent bad either, now i need start tweak memory and get those spi32m runs down :)

    Watercooling on the cpu now, EK Supreme,and Black Ice Extreme 240 rad.

    So much fun for so little money...

    EDIT: And those Big Pabst fans have a morlex connector, theres no way that 3pin fan header can deliver
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