I agree on buying a P4. With only 128 cache, playing any game with video settings on high will not come close to a P4. There would be a noticeable difference when multitaskiing also. I understand that price is a big deal for you right now, but remember that spending $100 on a Celeron and overclocking it to hell will only make you go out and buy a P4 when you fry it. OC'ing a full 1000Mhz will shorten the life of a CPU greatly, especially with a Celeron. Right now Newegg.com has a P4 2.4 Northwood for around $185. It's definately worth re-thinking this Celeron thing. One more thing, the reason that you see these articles about these huge OC'ing systems is because the guys doing it usually work for a big company and they do not have to pay for anything. The average home OC'er does not have the money to waste on OC'ing that much. Do yourself a favor and buy a P4 and save time, money, and hassle.