hello again gang,

well after a small incident with my tower, it sat for a few months as i though the motherboard had died from oc'ing. turns out all it needed was a cmos reset.

now, i overclock to 4.3 ghz (multiplier only) and set vcore to 1.375. i turned off all thermal settings (including eist) and set dram voltage to 1.7

prime 95 small fft go for a few minutes without issue, but then BSODs about 20 min in. i then up cpu vcore to 1.4, change nothing else. i rerun small fft from prime95, which goes for 12 hours into the next day.

satisfied, i then set prime 95 blend to 'custom', and in memory to use, change the default ram to 90% of your current memory (29506 for my 32gb of ram)

blend starts blending, and after the rest of the night i go to sleep. blend was 6 hours in at this point.

at some point this morning, a bsod occurred with the 'clock interval' message, a bsod that usually occurs from unstable overclocking.

i then upped vcore to 1.43 (which seems a bit high for me) and restarted prime95 blend with 90% of my ram.

having had this issue earlier, i RMA'd my motherboard and memory recently, so really the only culprits could be CPU or PSU. the power supply was rma'd from an old 1000w last year. to me, it suggests that my cpu was one of those oddballs that just can't overclock :(

what other settings should i adjust to achieve a stable 4.3-4.5 ghz overclock? or should i just rma this thing and try again with a new one?