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Thread: FSB and AGP......

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    I'm in the process of oc'in my XP 1800+, currently oc'ed at:

    FSB 150
    multiplier 13x
    Vcore 1.85V
    DDR Voltage 2.65V

    I'm also running a pretty cheap Geforce2. I was worried about the effects of upping the FSB on the AGP card as SiSandra came up with a hole host of complaints.

    I've set the ratio to 5:2:1 (FSB:AGP:PCI)

    Do I need to worry about this?

    Also ,

    What sort of Mhz should I be able to get out of the XP1800+? I'm running at around 1750Mhz currently.:?: :?:

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    If your system runs smoothly, then I wouldn't woory too much about the warning messages that show up with Sandra. They tnd to be very general in nature and are keyed to display if you go beyond a specified level. If the video card isn't giving you fits or graphical artifacts, then don't worry.

    As to how high you can go with your 1800+, that depends on the processor since they are not all created equally. From the sounds of it, you got a pretty good one, though. If you would like to see how others have done with their processors, then check out the CPU Database. It has a lot of responses from folks who post their results. Most users add in their stepping codes and cooling/voltages so you can get an idea as to where yours falls into line.
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