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Thread: overclocking sis620 motherboard with celeron 466

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    any one help me pump this old freebie system alittle. sis 620 with intergrated sis 5595 video and ess solo 1 sound. its a 466 mhz celeron.only 96 mbs of ram. any advice besides throwing in the trash would be great. going to be a internet computer and game computer. i own a asus p4b-la with a 1.7 ghz p4 that im gonna leave alone. thanks in advance. [email protected]:flames:

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    Unless your SiS620 based board is significantly better than the ones we have at work, they didn't generally have too many options (if any) for overclocking. You might have some luck with a software utility to boost the FSB, but you'll need to find one that can support your chipset. SoftFSB is one of the most popular ones out right now, but I can't say if it works with SiS chipsets.
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    I also got a freebie silmilar to that...a Matsonic board with SiS620
    chipset. It had 128 MB of RAM , added my good ol' rage 128
    and soundblaster live! value and that was that !

    I managed to overclock to 541 MHz no problem. In fact, i have since 'shorted' that board while soldering my speakers while they
    were still plugged in the motherboard....d'oh!
    Anyways, i got a GDI legend mb for rrrreal cheap and i kept
    that celeron 433, and guess what, i still works like a charm at 541 MHz. BTW, that would be a FSB speed of 84MHz.I know my multiplier is locked at 6.5x on my CPU and i guess yours is probably similar. My PCI (Rage 128)and ISA(network) still work
    fine too and my memory hasn't given me more random crashes
    than before.

    I can play medal of honor AA pretty good (15-40fps) with most
    settings off. The latest NFS:HotPursuit2 also is a bit laggy. Online,
    with adsl it has low ping (50-90) but that's more a function of
    your connection and the routing. I do a lot of hard disk recording too and use cakewalk to play MIDI and wave with real-time effects and that also is fine. Never had a dropout yet !

    Well all this to say that it's easy to piss on something when
    you have something better, but face it, it's still a pretty decent PC
    that can last a few years with upgrades. Also, a good graphic card would be my first choice has an upgrade and get another 64MB or 128MB if you can. Oh yeah, and that cache speed is kick-ass ! hehe

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