Can anyone help me with this? Every time I try to overclock my cpu in BIOS, my ddr4 3000 frequency drops to 1600 frequency in BIOS. I dont know why I cant overclock my CPU without reducing my RAM state frequency by almost half.
I understand if CPU-Z is showing 1600 on your ram it means your running 3200 because of DDR. Under normal CPU load without any overclocking my bios memory frequency shows 3000 and CPU-Z shows 1500. However when i overclock my cpu, the frequency reduces to 1600 in bios under XMP and i cant change it,and cpu-z shows 800. Is it normal for your ram frequency to reduce as you overclock your cpu?

i5 6600k
Gigabyte z170x Gaming GT
2x8gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000

bios on the motherboard has been flashed to the newest update already as well.