Hi All,

I have been having a few issues on my first overclocking adventure on this PC..

full specs are ....

Aorus Z270x Gaming 5 - Bios f5j (beta)
i5 6600k
Corsair H100i V2
16gb Corsair Vengence LED DDR4 3200mhz
Intel 600P 512gb NVME (reason for Beta Bios)
hyper x 120gb ssd
Gigabyte G1 Gaming 1070
Thermaltake DPS G 700W
In MasterMaker Case

I tried using the Gigabyte Easytune and It took me to 4.4 GHz @ 1.225 volts on the Vcore CPU - very stable...

I then tried to manually add the XMP for the ram to 3200 and bsod! woohoo!

I settled for the following using easytune to set everything..

xmp on profile 1 @ 3200mhz
host blck - 100
all cores @ 45 multiplyer 4.5ghz
uncore @ 44
CPU Vcore - 1.32v
CPU LLC set at high.
VAXG LLC set at High
Intel Turbo boost mode disabled in BIOS

well worth tweaking things as it is stable now but here are some benchmarks..
Intel XTU - 1047
Cinebenmch is only 627 where before I had over 676...

Any Idea on how to tweak to get me back up to the higher.

Well thats where I am at at the moment any comments or ideas to help me tweak this system, further would be appreciated...

I just feel with this cooling solution i should be able to push to maybe 4.7 ghz, as at the moment on full load it reaches 65 degs on one core at full load..

I have been reading up on alot of these guides and pages on this subject but this is my first OC so...How do the voltages and settings look to you guys??