Hello to all on this forum, am new member, am here because i need some help about OC this procesor.
So i have this setup with P45-DS3L and E5450 E0 rev on MOBO. Paired with 7gb ( 2x2gb + 1x2and1x1gb ) ddr2 800mhz CL5 ram memory and 7850 MSI OC 2gb ddr5 GPU.
Cooler on mine CPU is OCZ Vendetta 120mm.
So i want to play a little with this CPU to get better performance. I already clocked it on 400fsb, with the all "things" on auto and i have stable working. I want to know can i do some custom better things. Temperatures are about 40-45 iddle, and 70+ on full loading...
E5450 oveclock on EP45-DS3L-screenshot-2017-02-22-15-40-56-jpg